What Is HondaLink?

November 15th, 2018 by

2018 Honda Civic Interior showing HondaLink display

What is HondaLink? Simply put, HondaLink connects you to your Honda model, allowing you to access smartphone apps directly from your vehicle. By using the infotainment system screen, Yonkers drivers can access their phonebook, stream music, and can even make hands-free calls! Since it’s an app-based suite, you also have the option of buying more functionality, giving you greater joy as you drive through the Bronx streets.

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Advanced Technology

The nice thing about HondaLink is that it’s as helpful as you need it to be. Drivers are able to utilize Basic, Link, Security, Remote, or Concierge sets depending on your needs. Many new Honda models like the Honda Accord come with HondaLink Basic, which gives you access to features like recall alerts, service scheduling, parking reminders, and more. If you opt for Link or above, you get:

  • Check mileage, fuel range, and oil life
  • Receive service reminders, security alerts, and speed alerts
  • Send destinations to your navigation system
  • Request enhanced roadside assistance
  • Remote-access your car
  • Use a live assistant to make reservations

How Do I Connect?

Follow these steps to get your White Plains Honda vehicle up and running with HondaLink:

  • Download and open the app for your Apple or Android smartphone
  • Enter your Vehicle Identification Number (if you don’t have it, check on the driver-side door jam)
  • Create a new account (enter an existing Honda ID to skip this step)
  • Follow the steps to sync your phone and vehicle with Bluetooth
  • Select the HondaLink icon on the home screen of your car’s infotainment display
  • You’re ready to use HondaLink

HondaLink Compatibility

The following vehicles are available with the HondaLink connectivity suite:

See This Connectivity Suite in Action at Honda of New Rochelle in New Rochelle!

For more information on HondaLink and how it can improve your White Plains drive, stop by Honda of New Rochelle! While you are here, be sure to explore other Honda features like Honda Sensing.

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